Drunk Driving Kills

You should never accept your fate in a drunk driving offense before talking it over with an experienced attorney. There are many factors which could contribute to an improper charge being given, whether it’s an incorrect breath test reading or an unfair field sobriety tests. Attorneys fight for your rights and look for any infraction to reverse or change your charge(s).

An attorney can assist with cross-examining a police report. These reports are written on the spot by a police officer to act as a narrative for the incident. There are often contradictions within these reports that a skillful attorney can use in court against the officer. The report is used as a conclusive method of describing why the arrest took place, but it doesn’t have to be taken as the final word in relation to your case.

A failed field sobriety test is another unfortunate circumstance that be turned around with the help of an attorney. According to James Powderly, this test is “seldom ever given correctly” and highlights the fact that “balancing tests are very unfair and difficult to perform regardless of alcohol consumption.” An experienced attorney will know how these tests are scored and meant to be given, giving them the ability to see through an incorrectly administered test.

Drug crimes are also often seen as too difficult to escape, but an attorney can work to protect your rights and freedom. By working closely with an attorney to examine the charges against you, you could have one or even all your charges dismissed or drastically decreased in severity. Do not accept a plea bargain or waive your right to a fair trial without an attorney fully investigating your case. Click here to learn more about how you can defend yourself against a drug charge.

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