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How to Avoid Truck Accidents

Picture it: you’re driving along a busy highway when you’re suddenly near an eighteen wheeler truck that’s carrying a heavy load. This load could be construction equipment or highly flammable chemical compounds that must not be within distance of open flame in case of a devastating reaction. It can be a more common thought that you’d think, the instinct to immediately get away from such a huge mobile structure. After all, a semi-truck can weight ten times more than a car – and an eighteen wheeler truck, even more so.

However, there are security protocols and federal laws in place in order to protect the public from such accidents from occurring. For example (coming from the information taken from the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC), a truck driver can only drive for 10 hours a day and are required to take a break from driving every eight hours or so. This is an important rule to go by as many accidents can occur if a driver is lethargic behind the wheel and the destruction that a truck accident can cause is significantly more crushing than that of an average car accident. It is then important to make sure that all drivers are accounted for and that these federally limited hours are closely monitored.

A lot of truck accidents could be avoided if it were not for negligence, actually. On the website of the Texas semi-truck accident lawyers at Williams Kherkher, there are listed examples that are the most common reasons for truck accidents such as irresponsible driving (driving under the influence of alcohol or beyond the allowed hours of driving or speeding) or general disobedience of simple traffic rules. This kind of behavior should never be tolerated as the consequences it can have on the lives of innocent people could be horrific in the worst possible way.

In order to avoid truck accidents, people everywhere must be mindful of the traffic laws in place as well as practice responsible driving for your own safety as well as the safety of those around you.